Split the cost . Share The Memories

We connect groups of friends who want to split the cost of a villa on their holiday

How It Works Tired of your friends letting you down when it comes to booking holiday? Only a few of you going away, but still want an epic Villa? Or just looking for a spare room? With VillaMates the days of having to rely on others to plan and book a holiday are over. Here you can meet people looking for the same from their holiday as you, and share your experience with them.

Post Your Trip
Have others find you! Post a trip to show who you are and where you want to go, then watch the messages roll in. You choose who can join!
Get on the hunt for your new VillaMates by searching trips others have posted, when you find a trip that takes your fancy, get to know the group using our online chat.
Now you've picked the perfect team, time to get the dream villa! Decide on the perfect place together and share what you find to your group!