Why People Choose Magaluf Holidays

Magaluf Holidays - Cheap Hotel MagalufMagaluf holidays are widely seen as a key holiday experience for many teens and young adults. Thought of as the typical sun, sex, sea holiday. Whether you’re spending your Magaluf holiday staying in a cheap hotel and downing fishbowls through the night, or chilling in one of the luxury villas in Magaluf by day and hitting the bars in the evening. You are sure to have the time of your life on a Magaluf holiday.

Magaluf is a small resort located on the west coast of the popular holiday island of Majorca. It’s full to the brim with cheap hotels, nightclubs and party people, however you can also find plenty of chilled out restaurants and villas in Magaluf. The holiday resort sprawls out around Magaluf beach, which is lovely in the day before it gets busy. Other attractions you can find on holiday in Magaluf include Magaluf water park, Magaluf theme park and a 4D cinema. Put simply, a Magaluf holiday can never really be boring, whatever your interests are.

The problem with Magaluf holidays

Now, as much as you’re thinking “Get me to a villa in Magaluf Now!” there is a fast-growing problem with Magaluf style holidays. It’s affecting many of the popular holiday hot spots in Spain and across Europe. The problem is there are too many people and it’s putting a strain on the hotels and villas in Magaluf. An influx of tourism has caused this issue. As the famous Magaluf holiday resort grows in popularity, breaking the seams of this small resort. Holiday makers in Magaluf are now being pushed into small dormitory style hotels and hostel to squeeze them in, but still paying a pretty penny to stay there.

Unfortunately, on top of that. A recent outbreak of deaths and serious injuries in some cheap Magaluf hotels and resorts. These cheap hotels in Magaluf have now had their safety called into question. Leading people to look for villas in Magaluf as a safer option. There are a lot of villas in Magaluf, however as the majority of Magaluf holiday makers are generally small groups of teens and young adults, they either can’t make up the numbers or can’t afford the luxury of a villa in Magaluf.

Find your Perfect Villas in Magaluf

Magaluf Holidays - Villas in MagalufThis is where VillaMates step in! Our free service has been hugely popular in holiday hotspots like Magaluf over the past year. We help people find their dream Villas on a hotel budget by acting as a social network for holiday makers. We help you find other groups of friends heading out to Magaluf to split the cost of a villa with, either by posting your own trip or joining someone else’s. This give you the the chance to stay in nice fancy villa’s, but as you are splitting the cost with others its the price of a cheap Magaluf hotel, this means you instantly make a group of friends on arrival and it’s then up to you to choose  spend the holiday with them or not.

Another great benefit for Magaluf season workers, is they are now able to stay in plush villas instead of pokey Magaluf worker flats and if someone moves out they can find someone new to move in in just a few days. Even holiday makers can find great villas in Magaluf, staying with workers who already know the island. For holiday makers it mean you can hit the ground running.


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We Always Make Sure Our Members Are Kept Safe

Safety is key for our community to prosper. So, whether you’re staying in a villa in Magaluf, or anywhere else in the world we will continue to keep you safe throughout your trip. We initially created this site to use ourselves and that hasn’t changed. If we don’t feel comfortable using the platform ourselves, we know that our members won’t either. Therefore, protecting our members is a key part of what we do. Heading out to a new country can be scary enough, Magaluf holidays in particular can be a lot to take in. Which is why we take measures to ensure your safety on your trip, but we like to encourage our members to also help us in keeping the site a safe and friendly community. Or you can visit our Safety Guideline section.

1. We are a community, all helping each other out

This is ultimately a social network community for travelers and holiday makers to help each other out with accommodation. Us travellers are in nature a peaceful and helpful bunch, so let’s keep it that way online. We want to call everyone to help us manage the site by flagging any suspicious activity to us. You report any users on the site from the trip page in the left-hand column, you will see a ‘report user’ button.

2. The VillaMates Police

We have a team of moderators who are looking out for anything not quite right about a members account. Again, if they find anything. Members will be blocked.

3. If you have a problem on a trip, please report it so we can follow up

If we receive a report from one of our members about an incident that happened on a trip, we will follow up. We will work with whoever was on the trip (and the authorities if necessary) to make sure it is resolved.

4. Get to know your fellow travelers

Do your research on social media. Get to know other members using our online chat, but also request other social media sites to verify other members. Also, if possible exchange address details before traveling.


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