Why Look for a Travel Buddy/Travel Companion?

Travel Companion - Travel BuddyWe’re in the era of social media, a time when we start new relationships and meet new friends online. You can find a companion to date, a partner to start a business with, or even find a new buddy in your area to go out with. The internet is bringing us closer and closer together through online communities and it’s never been safer. We have apps like Tinder connecting us with strangers and AirBnB connecting us to the world. You can even use Bla Bla Car to find someone to share a ride with. Now you meet a travel buddy or travel companion right here! Once you find people to travel with you can then use HomeAway to book your dream villa.

Open Your Mind and Explore

Three Travel BuddiesWe combine the freedom to explore exciting and unique types of accommodation like AirBnB. With the social networking community of a travel buddy website. Get to know other members through our social network, choose a holiday and enjoy it with your brand-new travel companion. Whether you’re going backpacking through South East Asia and you’re looking for a travel buddy to join. Or you’re planning a party holiday in Europe, but you’d rather have a few more holiday friends to party with. To Find people to travel with has never been so easy!

Travel Companions can Split Accommodation Costs

We know that every solo traveller gets their kicks from rolling up to a new, exciting location and meeting a bunch of new friends. We’re just here to give you a little kickstart, you can search where you’re going and find somewhere to crash before you even get there. Of course, another disadvantage to solo travel, is paying for everything yourself. Not having anyone else to split the cost with can be the killer. The only option up until now was to stay in a shared hostel. Which is all well and good, but if you can split a villa with your travel companion for the same price. why not aye?

Free & Easy to Find People to Travel With

Travel Companion Social NetworkOur website is a free, easy to use social network. You can find people to travel with who share the same interests as you and going on their trip at the same time as you. Now, we all know that it doesn’t matter how popular you are, getting all your buddies to commit to something as big as a holiday at the same time is almost impossible. Either they’ve got no money, can’t get the time off work or they’re just plain boring. In the age of socialising online finding people to travel with shouldn’t be so hard. So, don’t let it be! Get out there and find your own holiday friends and make your buddy’s back home wish they came with you.

How to find people to travel with on VillaMates!

Think of VillaMates as a social network for travellers. All our members are your potential travel buddies and everyone on here has a thirst for travel just like you. If you haven’t got anything planned you can tag along on a trip someone else is planning, or if you know exactly where you want to go and the travel companions you want to go with you can post your own trip and have your future travel buddies contact you directly. So if you want to find a travel buddy to go on your journeys with, this is your place!


Or see the video below to get an idea of how the site works


Is it Safe to Share a Villa on Holiday?

At VillMates we strive to keep our platform as safe and easy to use as possible. Our goal is to have a secure platform, with a community of people designed to help you find people to travel with. We have various measures in place and a team of people there to ensure this. Our site is partnered with some worldwide holiday lettings sites and follow the same safety measures. We also have some guidelines to ensure your safety on all trips, which we have listed below:

1. VillaMates is a Community – We Help Each Other Out

Whilst on the hunt for your new travel companion please be vigilant. We need all of our members help in flagging suspicious activity. You will find a report user button on your potential travel companions trip pages, please use it if you feel you need to.

2. Moderation

Fake travel companions will be blocked by our team of moderators, they are constantly on the look out for any suspicious activity. Again, if they find anything. Members will be blocked.

3. We will follow up any reports from one of our members about an incident on a trip

If we receive a report from one of our members about an incident that happened on a trip, we will follow up. We will work with whoever was on the trip (and the authorities if necessary) to make sure it is resolved.

4. Get to know your travel companions first

Do your research on social media when you find people to travel with. Get to know other members using our online chat, but also request other social media sites to verify other members. Also, if possible exchange address details before traveling.


You can see more best practice guidelines for sharing on holiday here

If you’re all set to go and find people to travel with, you can post a trip here.