Split the Cost, Share the Memories

Make a Travel BuddyThe world is getting smaller! And thanks to social networks, the rise of singles holidays and traveling alone. It’s getting safer and easier to travel alone anywhere you want. Sites like AirBnB provide unique holiday accommodation and travel buddy websites offer a to socialize with others. We thought we would combine the two giving you complete freedom on your holiday. No need to worry if your friends don’t fancy the same holiday as you, just find who does online.

VillaMates is basically a free to use social network for people traveling alone and holiday makers looking to split the cost of accommodation with another group. What this means is that if you’re planning a trip, you can meet others going to the same destination and share. You can do this by either posting a trip detailing where and when you want to go. Or, you can browse the trips already posted and tag along with someone else. We generally recommend that if you already have something planned, or have something in mind you post your own trip. If you’re not quite sure what you fancy, we suggest having a look at what others have planned.

Traveling Alone, Singles Holidays & Season Workers

Season Workers on Singles HolidayOur site is also handy for solo travelers looking for somewhere to stay for the night and season workers between apartments. Season workers can connect on VillaMates and split the cost of a villa with each other. Instead of having to stay in cramped workers accommodation. The platform is also good for over 50’s who usually go on singles holidays or solo holidays, looking for a bit more freedom on their singles holiday.

Three Simple Steps

Capturing Image Traveling Alone

1. Post Your Trip

Have a trip planned with a couple of rooms spare? All you have to do is post a trip and let your VillaMates find you! Just let other members know who you are and what you have planned, then watch the messages roll in. Chat with members who contact you to get an understanding of the type of trip they are looking for and make sure they are right for your trip. You can hold a public discussion on your trip page. Or use our online chat to have a private conversation with another member. When posting a trip to find a travel buddy, please try to give as much detail as possible. This way it will our other members a good idea of what you have planned.

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2. Explore

If you haven’t got a trip planned, or have booked your flights and are looking for somewhere to stay. You can browse trips others have posted in search of a spare room in a luxury villa. When you find a trip that takes your fancy, you can private message the trip host using our online chat or post your message publicly on the trip wall. Let them know a bit about you and who you will be travelling with and let them decide if you are right for the trip. When discussing a trip with another user, try to be completely open with personal details. Connect on social media and let them know who you are. This will reassure safety with our other members.

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3. Book

Now you’ve picked the perfect group, time to get the dream villa! Decide on the perfect place together and share what you find to the group! You can find the perfect villa through our villas listings page where you will find the best properties on the market. We work with the best holiday home listing sites to make sure you have the pick of the best properties on the net.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Singles Holidays

Are singles holidays only for over 50s?
On other sites singles holidays are generally aimed at the over 50s. However, our site gives everyone the freedom to travel on singles holidays. Our singles holidays are split into two separate categories. You can list your trip for either over 50s, or under for a love island style holiday.

Are singles holidays only for people without a partner?
Singles holiday are for anyone traveling alone, not necessarily for people who looking to find a partner. You can be single, married, or with a partner. There may be a number of reasons for someone to go on singles holiday, they’re simply for people who want to meet new people.

Traveling Alone

Do I need to be backpacking?
By traveling alone you can be anywhere you want and looking for any type of accommodation. You do not need to strictly be backpacking.

I am worried about my safety traveling alone
Please refer to our safety section.

Why do people hold traveling alone in such high regard?
A lot of people think that traveling alone can improve a lot about yourself for example self confidence and taking you out of your comfort zone. But don’t listen to us, you can decide for yourself.

Looking for a Travel Buddy

Am I only allowed travel with one travel buddy?
You can organise a trip and travel with as many travel buddies as you like

Do I need to share accommodation with my travel buddy?
This is an accommodation sharing platform. However if you meet a travel buddy you want to travel with, but don’t feel comfortable sharing accommodation. You are more than welcome to choose to stay in separate accommodation