1. We are a Community!

At VillaMates we are a community of travelers and adventurers, we help out fellow travelers in need and we like to keep it that way! If any of our members encounter any suspicious activity from other members on our site make sure you report it straight away. We have a team dedicated to looking into this sort of thing and if we feel necessary, we will block the account and email address of the reported member.

2. Moderation

We have a team of moderators who check the details of the members who sign up to our site daily, any suspicious activity is immediately picked up and handled appropriately. We have a variety of tools to ensure any repeat offenders are found.

3. Do your social research

Social media links for members are displayed on their profile pages, you can use their social media sites to check that the people you are speaking to, really are who they say they are. If the user has not provided any social media links, we would suggest requesting them in a private chat.

2. Keep in Touch

Make sure you keep in touch with your VillaMates before you travel, we would suggest setting up a WhatsApp group so that every gets to know each other before you travel. If anyone turns out not to be a correct fit for the group, you can always come back to the site and find a replacement VillaMate.

3. Look out for approved members

If a users displays an approved tick on their profile or trip page, that shows you that the member has provided us with additional information/documentation that we have stored. This guarantees that user is 100% safe to travel with.


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