A Safe Platform to Find Solo Holidays & People Traveling Alone

At VillaMates our main goal is to provide a safe platform for people traveling alone. Essentially, to connect with other holiday makers going to the same place. Firstly, we want to bring holiday makers from around the globe closer together without having to worry about safety. Also, people looking for solo holidays and solo holidays get the freedom of making their own rules. Meaning people traveling alone get the safety of a dedicated traveling community behind them.  If you’re looking for a travel companion to travel anywhere around the globe, then this is the site for you!

Looking for a Travel Companion?

Generally, if you’ve ever looked for a travel companion, then you will know it can be a tricky task finding someone you feel safe with. As a matter of fact, traveling alone in another country can be daunting enough. Which means you want to feel comfortable with your travel companion. We aim to help you every step of the way, to ensure your safety and everyone in our community will do the same.
Group on one of our solo holidays

1. We are a Community!

At VillaMates we are a community of people who enjoy traveling alone. We help out fellow travel buddies in need and we like to keep it that way! If any of our members come across suspicious activity from other members, then make sure to report it straight away. We have a team dedicated to looking into this sort of thing and if we feel necessary, we will block the account and email address of the reported member.

Moderator Checking travel companion site

2. Moderation

Not only do we have a team of moderators checking the details of members who sign up daily, but also moderation tools in place. Any suspicious activity is immediately picked up and handled appropriately. We also have a variety of tools to ensure any repeat offenders are found.

Social Media Links

3. Do your social research

Social media links for our members are displayed on their profile pages. If you use other members social media sites, then you can check they are who they say they are. If the member has not provided any social media links, then we suggest requesting them in a private chat. Simply explain that if you will be traveling alone together you will need further details.

WhatsApp group for traveling alone

4. Keep in Touch

Make sure you keep in touch with your potential VillaMates before you travel. We would suggest setting up a WhatsApp group so that every gets to know each other before you travel. If anyone turns out not to be a correct fit for the group, then you can always come back to the site and find a replacement travel companion.

Approved travel companion

5. Look out for approved members

If a member displays an approved tick on their profile or trip page, that shows you that the member has provided us with additional information/documentation.  Therefore, making them the perfect travel companion. This guarantees that user is 100% safe to go traveling alone with.

Singles Holidays Security

6. If a incident happens on any of our Solo Holidays, will will investigate

We will follow every report on one of our members through fully. This means, if you’re out on one of our solo holidays, or traveling alone and their is an incident with another one of our members, then all you have to do is report it and we will investigate.

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Keeping Safe – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I look out for when looking for a travel companion?

If you are traveling alone and looking for a travel companion on our site. While talking to possible travel companions you should be careful if anyone:

  • Does not supply you with personal details on request
  • Do not supply you with social media account
  • Are vague about details of their trip
  • Ask you for inappropriate details without providing proof of why. Ie if they ask you for payment without showing you receipt

2. If money is requested for solo holidays, should I transfer it?

The only thing you should transfer money to a travel companion for, would be a villa charge. If someone requests money from you for any of our solo holidays. They should first supply you with a receipt for their transaction. If you can you should contact the landlord yourself to confirm a payment has been made. Ideally you should request for the landlords details for you to make payment yourself.

3. Is finding a travel companion safer than traveling alone?

I think we can all agree that having someone (or a few people) with you while traveling is a lot safer than traveling alone. You have more people to look out for you and various skills.