Ibiza! Does it Really Have it all?

Ibiza Village Hotel AccommodationThe White Isle of Ibiza has fast become the party capital of the world. Drawing in holiday makers and ravers from around the globe to dance their night away in some of the biggest and most chaotic nightclubs imaginable. These include several raving Meccas like Amnesia, Space, Ushuaia and DC10. Although being a fairly small island and having this huge party reputation, Ibiza does have a softer side. There are a number of quieter holiday hotspots situated in small towns and villages around the island. Quirky campsites to stay in, hippy beaches to visit and tiny coves to explore, making the types of Ibiza accommodation almost endless and where to go a hard decision.

Hidden Gems!

Where to stay in Ibiza - San JuanIn the north of the island, hidden up in the hills you can find plenty of little gems. Small towns like San Juan offer vintage Ibiza charm, stone buildings and quite windy streets. A far cry from the cheap hotels and typical Ibiza accommodation of San Antonio, there are plently of places like this. There are also some more luxury towns in Ibiza like Talamanca or Cala Vadella. These towns feature lots of high end restaurants, bars and some of the more luxury Ibiza accommodation.

Lastly of course you big ones! The party meccas of Playa Den Bossa and San Antonio which offer the nightlife, cheap hotels and moderate Ibiza accommodation. Making the question ‘where to stay in Ibiza?’ A tough one.

The Problem with Ibiza Accommodation in recent years

Crowded Pool - Ibiza Accommodation in HotelNow, moving on to accommodation. If you ask any Ibiza regular or any of the locals about accommodation, they will tell you that there has been a huge problem for a while. A mega influx in tourism has hit Ibiza accommodation hard. On top of that, holiday makers and workers look for where to stay on letting sites like AirBnB. This has made finding where to stay in Ibiza an almost impossible task for the average joe. These days you’ll be forced to pay an extortionate price for a cheap Ibiza hotel, unless you’re a millionaire.

This huge overcrowding issue on the island has resulted in Ibiza Council banning short term lettings sites like AirBnB from being used for Ibiza accommodation. Forcing holiday makers and workers to stay in some very crowded and uncomfortable accommodation over the past few years.

Our Solution to Finding Accommodation

A Villa is Clearly Where to Stay in IbizaLucky for you, we offer the solution to this huge Ibiza accommodation problem. Making the question of where to stay in Ibiza much simpler. Our site is a free and simple to use platform that allows you to find others going to the same place as you and share accommodation with them. This platform has proved massively popular (especially in Ibiza) over the past year due to the accommodation issues. Offering people searching for a place the chance to stay in wonderfully luxurious villa’s! but (because you are splitting the cost with others) for the price of a cheap Ibiza hotel… And the beauty of it is that you instantly make a group of friends on arrival! Who you can choose to spend the holiday with, or not.

Perfect for Workers Looking for a Place

Season workers are now able to stay in luxury villas for the season instead of pokey Ibiza workers accommodation. When someone moves out, they can just post a trip and find someone new in just a few days! You will meet the people you live with on a verified platform making it safer. You can even get to know who you will be sharing with first, to make sure you get along.

The platform also brings the gap between workers and holiday makers closer together. Holiday makers can hit the ground running by joining a group of workers. Who wants to waste the start of your holiday finding your bearings? When you can join a group who have been on the island for a while already!


Or see the video below to get an idea of how the site works

Please be safe

We understand that some people may have concerns about using social networks to meet people. It can be a daunting thought heading out to somewhere new, let alone if you’re going on your own or for the season. We want to take this opportunity to assure you that we have put a lot of thought into making this platform as safe as possible. Our initial goals were to make going away safer. As we are in an age of holidaying alone and staying in strangers’ apartments. We wanted to create a safe platform, where you can get to know who you will be staying with first. Apart from having a team working on your safety, we also ask our community members to stay vigilant and help us spot anyone who isn’t welcome. Please have a read though our site safety point below.

1. Help from our friends

We ask all our members to work with us to help keep our platform safe, so if you notice a suspicious trip or profile to flag it with us. Also if you are sent a message you don’t like, please raise it with us. We will block any members not adhering to our policies.

2. We are working to keep you safe

We have people constantly working on keeping the platform safe. These are real people who notice real fakes and any accounts we think are suspicious we will block.

3. Any problems that happen on a trip, we will look into

If we receive a report from one of our members about an incident that happened on a trip, we will follow up. We will work with whoever was on the trip (and the authorities if necessary) to make sure it is resolved.

4. Get to know other members before traveling

Do your research on social media. Get to know other members using our online chat, but also request other social media sites to verify other members. Also, if possible exchange address details before traveling.


You can see more best practice guidelines for sharing on holiday here

If you’re all set and ready to start meeting other members, you can post a trip here.