Why People Choose Traveling Alone on Singles Holidays

Man Traveling Alone in MountainsSingles holidays, an intriguing concept to many, but to others can be very scary. The thought of going on a solo holidays may be daunting, but if you’ve ever been traveling alone you will understand the joy it can bring. There are a wide variety of options out there when it comes to booking a singles holiday. Sites like ‘Just you holidays’, ‘Solo Holidays’ and ‘Sagas Singles Holidays’ offer some great packages for singles looking to go traveling alone. These types of holidays are growing hugely in popularity (especially with the over 50’s). We offer a brand new way to traveling solo, by cutting out the travel agent. Offering singles holidays that can be organised yourself. Saving you money and giving you more freedom on what you do and who you go with on your solo holidays.

Now You Can go on Solo Holidays for Free

As much as solo holidays sites like Just You Holidays are a wonderful idea to get people out there and meeting new people on holiday. The cost for the packages however, can get pretty expensive. What we offer to solo holiday makers is a little different. We offer you the chance to organise the holiday yourself and leave it up to you to decide which singles you wish to join. Basically, we act as a social network for you to meet your fellow solo holiday travelers. That way you can keep the cost of your holiday down and you also get to plan where you go and who gets invited. See our How it works section for more info.

Singles Holdiays - Over 50s Solo MaleWith VillaMates you get the adventure of traveling alone and meeting new people. The freedom of organising your own holiday and no fees. Some other solo holidays sites can be rigid in terms of what you do and where you go. You can also choose to plan smaller weekend trips to start, then build up to bigger holidays if you need. You get complete freedom in the holidays you go one.

How Singles Holidays Work with VillaMates

Another great thing about planning your singles holidays with us is how simplistic it is to use. If you already have a plan of where you’re going, when you’re going and who you want to join. You simply post your singles trip to the site and fill out all the holiday details you have available. Other members  will contact you if they’re interested in joining.  You can get to know each individual using our online chat and if they fit your trip you can invite them along. The way the booking works is completely up to you. You can book your flights and accommodation and as people join, they can pay you back. Or you can choose to all book separately, we however do not take any booking through the site.

On the other hand. If you don’t have a specific solo holiday in mind and you would just like to join a pre-planned trip, or were just interested in traveling along. You can just browse all the trips posted on the site, if something strikes your fancy, get in touch! Hopefully they will invite you along.


Or see the video below to get an idea of how the site works

Our Safety Policy

One of our aims when we decided to build VillaMates was to provide a SAFE environment for people to use to meet fellow travelers and share with them. The safety part of this has been embedded in our core values. Every step of the way and we’re here to provide you the most protected experience possible. Essentially, we built this platform to also give ourselves a place to meet people to holiday with. So we know the importance of safety. We understand that if you’re new to Majorca holidays it can be daunting enough anyway, but the whole community is here to help you find villas in Majorca and travel safely. You can go through our safety page here, but we have listed a few guidelines for you to check out below:

1. Join The Community

In signing up, you will be welcomed with open arms to join our international community. However we do ask you to stay vigilant. We ask all our members to work with us to help keep our platform safe, so if you notice a suspicious trip or profile to flag it with us. Also if you are sent a message you don’t like, please raise it with us. We will block any members not adhering to our policies.

2. Neighborhood Watch

We have people constantly working on keeping the platform safe. These are real people who notice real fakes and any accounts we think are suspicious we will block.

3. Any problems that happen on a trip, we will look into

If we receive a report from one of our members about an incident on a trip, we will follow up. We will work with whoever was on the trip (and the authorities if necessary) to make sure it is resolved.

4. Get to know other members before traveling

Do your research on social media. Get to know other members using our online chat, but also request other social media sites to verify other members. Also, if possible exchange address details before traveling.


You can see more best practice guidelines for sharing on holiday here

If you’re all set and ready to start meeting other members, you can post a trip here.