About Majorca Holiday Resorts

Majorca Hotels in Majorca ResortsIf you’re looking at taking a trip into Europe for your summer holiday this year, then you have almost certainly had a trip to Majorca pop up somewhere along the way. Majorca holidays are among the most popular in Europe and resorts and villas in Majorca are always in high demand. The largest Beleric Islands, which sits in the heart of the Med (which also includes Ibiza and Menorca). Majorca holidays are thought of as being full of very English holiday resorts. Although, you will find people from all over the world on holiday in Majorca. A holiday in Majorca can offer you anything from raving 24/7 in a Magaluf resort to soaking in the culture from a villa in Palma. Whatever you are looking for from your holiday, you will most likely find it from a trip to Majorca.

The Issue with Majorca Holidays

Majorca Holidays - MagalufThese days, more and more Majorca holidays are being hugely affected by mass tourism. Along with a few other holiday hotspots in Europe, mass tourism is bringing down the standard of trip on offer. Majorca hotels are now being singled out by locals in protest to how popular Majorca holidays have become. Regular Majorca holiday goers will tell you that this has hit the hotel trade hugely in Majorca. Mostly affecting cheap hotels, but not so much the villas in Majorca. This summer a group of locals accused the hotel trade for being responsible and proposed that 2018 was a summer of action. This has all ended in a tourist tax being put on hotels for Majorca holidays. Meaning you will be paying a lot more if you are a regular hotel gooer.

Finding Villas in Majorca with Villa Mates

Villas in MajorcaThis is where Villa Mates step in! The locals in Majorca have not been so vocal about the villas in Majorca. This is because tourism is the backbone of the economy in Majorca. The mass tourism that the hotels see though, seems to be a step too far for locals. Of course, we aren’t all lucky enough to afford to stay in one of the villas in Majorca. Especially if you are only planning on going on your Majorca holiday in smaller numbers, as a couple or even on your own. Villa Mates, however is a free, easy to use platform. You can split the cost of your Magaluf holiday with another group and stay in a fancy villa for the price of a cheap Magaluf hotel. You simply find others going to the same location as you and share your villa with them.


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Our Safety Policy for Majorca Holidays

One of our aims when we decided to build VillaMates was to provide a SAFE environment for people to use. To meet fellow travelers and share with them. The safety part of this has been embedded in our core values every step of the way and we’re here to provide you the most protected experience possible. Essentially, we built this platform to also give ourselves a place to meet people to holiday with. So we know the importance of safety. We understand that if you’re new to Majorca holidays it can be daunting enough anyway, but the whole community is here to help you find villas in Majorca and travel safely. You can go through our safety page here, but we have listed a few guidelines for you to check out below:

1. Join The Community

In signing up, you will be welcomed with open arms to join our international community. However we do ask you to stay vigilant. We ask all our members to work with us to help keep our platform safe, so if you notice a suspicious trip or profile to flag it with us. Also if you are sent a message you don’t like, please raise it with us. We will block any members not adhering to our policies.

2. Neighborhood Watch

We have people constantly working on keeping the platform safe. These are real people who notice real fakes and any accounts we think are suspicious we will block.

3. Any problems that happen on a trip, we will look into it

If we receive a report from one of our members about an incident on a trip, we will follow up. We will work with whoever was on the trip (and the authorities if necessary) to make sure it is resolved.

4. Get to know other members before traveling

Do your research on social media. Get to know other members using our online chat, but also request other social media sites to verify other members. Also, if possible exchange address details before traveling.


You can see more best practice guidelines for sharing on holiday here

If you’re all set and ready to start meeting other members, you can post a trip here.